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Saputara is Gujarat's picturesque hill station situated at a height of 1100 meters (3600ft) above M.S.L on the Sahyadri range in the Dang District of South borders of Gujarat state. People from all lanes and corners are attracted to visit this hill station, owing to its beautiful location and panoramic rich view sites.

It is rich in its bio-diversity and natural relics. It include in it self many panoramic natural landscape views and rich heritage of its folklore and traditional of the native 'Dangi'. Owing to its location and sites, it developed as a vacation spot or a hill station, for the metropolitan people to make it as their Home away from Home.

Any season is a season for visit to Sapuatra, May it be summer, winter or rains. Every season has something exciting to offer to its tourist. Who can roam at various places in the vicinity, like forest of Mahal, Gira Falls etc.



Summer : Temperature changes between 24 C to 27C.

Winter : Temperature changes between 7C to 18C.

Monsoon: :

In this season Saputara wears a different look, with full of fogs & clouds surrounded by the hills. With greenery spread all over the region and waterfalls jumping down the hills, a wet look every where creates a romantic atmosphere. Saputara has cool and pleasant climate throughout the year.

Specialty :

Saputara is the only hill station of Gujarat with its natural beauty with variety of wild life. Movement which could be visible for excitement of the visitors. This hill station offers fresh farms of Strawberry, Grapes attracting the shopping facility of the visitors besides for local bamboo handicraft.


How to Reach SAPUTARA

Air port : Nearest Air Port is Mumbai 265 kms. and Surat 164 kms. away.

Train :

Nearest Railway Station is Nasik Road 80 kms. on Central Railway, and Billimora 112 kms. on Western Railway.

Train Schedule

For Online Enquiry & Reservation Visit at http://www.irctc.co.in

Road :

Saputara is 265 Kms. away from Mumbai via Nasik - Dindori - Vani. It takes nearly 6 hours by road. And from Nasik to Saputara by road 77 kms. and it takes 2 hours. Saputara is 112 kms. from Billimora via Chikhli - Waghai. It takes nearly 3 hours from Billimora.

Availability :

State Transport buses of Maharashtra and Gujarat ply between Nasik to Saputara. Private taxi available from Nasik, Billimora, Valsad & Surat.


Distance From Saputara

Mumbai ( via Nasik) 265 kms.
Mumbai (via Valsad) 345 kms.
Billimora 112 kms.
Valsad 125 kms.
Nasik 77 kms.
Aurangabad 250 kms.
Shirdi (via Vani) 140 kms.
Shirdi (Via Nasik) 157 kms.
Pune 275 kms.
Baroda 300 kms.
Ahmedabad 400 kms.
Surat 164 kms.
Daman 170 kms.


Location Map

For all you adventures The Geographical Map to reach
Saputara is given as right hand side.

Click on the image to get it's bigger view.


Various Places of Interest in Saputara

1 Ropeway :

A ten minute ride straddles the valley to the Sunset Point. The comfortable couple is safe and ideal for a family. The view from the halt midway is breathtaking. Unforgettable on a moonlight night. Refreshments available at Sunset Point at the Vaity Restaurant.

2 Sunset Point :

It is a walkable distance from circle of Saputara to see the sun setting of late evening amidst the hilltops, is an experience and the site not to be missed out. It is also known as Gandhi Shikhar (peak). It can be approached by only ropeway from Vaity Ropeway Resort.

3 Sunrise Point :

It is also a worth seeing point. It can be approached by road from Hotel "Vaity". To see the sun spreading its beautiful soft morning rays on the greenery below is a site to relish. This point is also known as Sardar Shikhar.

4 Lake & Boating Club :

Right in the heart of the valley is the extremely clam Saputara Lake. It is 70 feet deep and spread in the vast valley surrounded by the hills. Row and paddle boats are available for hire. Several types of amusement facilities for children's available near the lake.

5 Museum :

It exhibits, various lifestyles, traditions, clothes, ornaments, music instruments, agricultural implements, house and objects of day to day use of native Dangis.

6 Step Garden :

It is a garden laid out in steps. It has also one forest hut built amidst it.

7 Rose Garden :

It is a garden with different type of rose offer scenic places for tourist to laze in, while walking around Saputara.

8 Honey Bees Centre :

It is a place where honeybees are reared and pure honey is collected. It is just opposite to the garden. It also provides information on honey industry and honeybee rearing.

9 Echo Point :

It is situated just ahead of Rutumbhara Vishwavidhalaya. It provides fun and activities under one roof.

10 Lake View Garden :

A garden maintained at the banks of lake in the centre of Saputara.

11 Saputara No Sap (Snake of Saputara) :

At the base of the lake, near the stream, there is patio, where a snake sculpture is placed. Local Dangis worship this snake.

12 Religious Attraction :

Nageshwar Mahadev Temple, Jain Temple, Swaminarayan Temple & Bhramha kumari Art Gallery.

13 Other Attraction : Paragliding / Horse Ride / Camel Ride / Wild Adventure / Motor Bike Riding.


Excursion Tours from Saputara

1 Botanical garden :

(49 kms. from Saputara) A large (24 hectare) garden with 1,400 varieties of plant from all over India. The amateur nature lover can marvel at different varieties of bamboo like the Chinese Bamboo, Golden Bamboo, and Beer Bottle Bamboo etc. and enjoy strolling long the beautiful walkways each lined with different species of tree.

2 Gira Falls :

(49 kms. from Saputara) It is located off the Saputara - Waghai Road, leads to a vast clearing where the picturesque Gira Falls emerging from the Kapri tributary can be viewed. An absolute must from June to November.

3 Mahal Forest :

(68 kms. from Saputara) It is one of the dense forest in Gujarat and having rich wild life. Tourists require special permission from forest department to visit Mahal Forest, which is open for the tourist during specific time during the year.

4 Unnai Mata Temple & Hot Spring :

(68 kms. from Saputara) It is located near Waghai. Visitors can bath in the hot spring attached to this famous temple which is said to be providing cure effect of chronic health illness.

5 Ambapada: :

(48 kms. from the Saputara) A typical Dangi traditional Village located near the Gira Falls. And surrounded on all sides by lush and tall bamboo. The village tribal is engaged in making of toys and lamps out of bamboo roots.

6 Girmal Falls: :

(85 kms. from Saputara) Easily the most marvelous sight during the monsoon, the Girmal Fall is a little off the Mahal Singana Road. The approach leads via tribal village to steep fall on the Gira River. The facing hill side is a rich with rare flora and is worth exploring by the more adventurous trekkers.

7 Dang Darbar: :

(40 kms. from Saputara) An annual colourful tribal festival held prior to Holi (generally March / April), at Ahwa. It's a five day fun filled colourful affair where the tribals congregate to celebrate and old custom of political pensions given to the tribal kings.There is merry making dance, music, colour and brisk buying and selling of tribal wares. The tourist can participate and enjoy the festivities of this unique celebration.

8 Hatgadh Fort :

(6 kms. from Saputara) Hatgadh fort is on Nasik road. On the top there is a large water tank. There is small temple at the top. You'll be able to see a spectacular view of Satmala Range, Hatgadh and Saputara. This fort was build by Chhatrapati Shivaji Maharaj and taken holt at the time of Surat Swari.

9 Saptashringi Devi Mandir (Vani) :

(50 kms. from Saputara) Known as one of the sister of Goddess Kali. Sapta means seven and shring means pinnacle therefore Saptashringi means the mountain having seven peaks. This temple is visited by devotees throughout the year, the rush period being the Dasera festival period a fair is held. Lacs of devotees visit the place during Navaratra.


Other Attraction from Nasik

1 Nasik Religious Attraction :

Panchavati (01 km), Pandav Caves (6 kms.), Muktidham (10 kms.) & Trambakeshwar (29 kms.).

2 Shirdi


(89 kms. from Nasik) Shirdi is a holy place famous for the mystic Saint Sai Baba. A big marble temple has been created in his memory. Thursday is a special pooja day of temple when it is thronged by several devotes. Ram Navami, Guru Poornima & Dasera fairs are also organized there. The temple attracts devotes from all over the world.


Photo Gallery

Lake of Saputara Gira Falls

Snake of Saputara Sunset at Saputara


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